1.7 Billion are living with inadequate shelter

There are more people world-wide needing housing than food water 
The need for shelter is mainly  due  to
            - Natural Disasters
           - Fleeing Conflict
        - Urban Slums
Adequate shelter is defined as being Safe and Affordable with access to Services and Livelihood.  1.7 billion or 1 in 5 people are living with inadequate shelter.  Currently 5% or 80 million people are effected by natural disasters.  70 million people are impacted and are homeless or displaced due to conflicts.  By far the largest portion, at 1 billion people, are those living in slums.  This is largely due to urban migration - rural populations seeking employment in the city but being unable to find adequate housing.

Even though 1 in 5 are living with inadequate shelter very few agencies have the skills to address this situation

 Transforming a Community
Why Poverty
Most of us would say that poverty is the reason why people are not able to afford adequate shelter.  Poverty in many ways effects shelter,  this includes:
- lack of engineering principles
- lack of building materials knowledge
- lack of natural or available materials.
Making this Scalable
For hundreds of years relief shelter provision has been tents and house repairs, however the scale of response required in more recent natural disasters has shown how incredibly inadequate these methods are. Currently house responses are case specific, taking years to be provided and in relatively small numbers because of the time-consuming nature of this method.  Even though 'Build Back Safer' is seeing recognised improvements to house design it is often slow and cumbersome or unaffordable. The rebuilding can also be labor intensive with no real improvement to structural designs.  Sheltereach incorporate the essential designs of a housing structure and because of its simplicity they are able to be produced in large numbers, reducing the unit costs. Additionally the designs have engineered structuring, ensuring stronger housing.
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