What Kind of Shelters do you Need?  Immediate or long term
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Immediate Relief  (basic & upgrade)
Post disaster or fleeing conflict requires immediate shelter to save lives.  Tarpaulin House is logistically simple, able to be deployed within hours of a disaster but unlike a tent has a life span of up to five years and transitions to a permanent disaster resilient house.
Durable Housing  (basic  & extend)
The overwhelming need and minimal budgets of those without a house requires easily constructed and affordable housing.  Locally available material is often of lower standard.  With most houses lasting for as little as three years the Contin-u-House steel frame system is disaster resilient and a durable 20+ year solution.  It can be supplied as an imported solution or produced from in-country materials.
Naturally Available Materials    (simple & compatible)
When naturally available materials are the only option, Sheltereach have a range of brackets and technologies that when implemented achieve up to 30 times the strength of an indigenous structure. Connect-a-Plate or Connect-a-Bracket can be used with a range of natural materials including lumber, bamboo, logs, dirt bricks.
Basic and Extend
Not having shelter inhibits so many areas of a family's life.  Basic shelter enables a family to get on their feet. As needs and resources increase it enables a family to extend their house. If the core house is designed with extensions in mind the process is smooth and a natural progression. Shletereach's design services can equip your organisation with strategies that facilitate development that begins with adequate shelter.  
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