Tarpaulin House

Designed specifically for immediate response after an emergency the Tarpaulin House units are able to provide a house using a tarp. They are ready to change location or the housing structure as necessary

Shelter for the Immediate


Shelter is frequently needed in the immediate as well as at other times, what ever the reasons and circumstances may be.  If shelter has to be set up as soon as possible they need to have fast delivery and often be sent in bulk numbers.  Tents often become the solution that is sent out however these have poor strength, short life span with high levels of wastage.  The challenge then arises of providing units that are both quick and strong without having the wastage.



This has led to the development of the tarpaulin systems, collectively termed Tarpaulin House.  These units can be quickly set up as required, whilst the units having strength that is built to continue beyond the immediate tarpaulin ‘tent’ phase.  This is due to them using the fast strong telescopic frame system that additionally can have frame portals added to make the unit larger.  Three models of Tarpaulin House are designed to accommodate for different stages following house loss and the need for shelter

Steel Telescopic Frame


This is the quickest and simplest of the Tarpaulin House models, designed for the first response immediately after disasters or house loss.  They are the smallest and most compact model with the least number of pieces required for construction.


Settlemen-Tent still has the benefits of an easy set up with a larger floor space and additional features, including a door.  It can also be set up immediately or its best use in the phases following, enabling choice according to circumstances.


The Transi-o-Tent is designed for later phases of tent-based shelter.   It has a unique purpose for being set up with the goal of transitioning into a permanent house.  The frame has additional structural features for further house building.