Systems & Variations


Custom Solution

On request Sheltereach can research the particular situation and design a custom response from the gathered information.

However more often than not, one of the 4 standard housing systems (with 12 variations) may be a more straight forward approach. Housing units can be supplied, systems taught or designs licensed for manufacturing. The 4 systems are:



Tarpaulin House is a continuum of shelter. It uses Telescop-i-Frame and combines with the standard, readily available 6 x 4 m Tarpaulin. Similar in price and simple erection, it is competitive in each of the stages of relief, transitional and permanent housing. However it has the distinct price advantage and continuity that comes from not need to be replaced, as well as the flexibility of upgrading or easy disassemble and relocation.


Contin-u-House incorporates the strength of steel without welding. As welders are not often available or price inhibiting the strength of welded joints is made accessible with just a drill and a hacksaw. They come in prefabricated or in-situ options.



Connect-a-house incorporates the use of local materials like timber logs or bamboo for the frame members. Simple connecting brackets are provided that increase the strength of a building up to 30 times stronger than a traditional indigenous structure built with the same materials. Bracket solutions can cost as little as a few cents per connection.


Telescop-i-House is a compact prefabricated housing solution. Able to be deployed as relief within hours of a disaster, it is strong enough to become the frame of a permanent house. Being just 75kg in weight and 10 litres in volume, it is able to be deployed in large numbers quickly and easily. As it extends without wastage it initially shelters then houses a family of 5-10 people.