If you asked a number of humanitarian organisations what their child sponsorship or water provision strategies are they would be able to tell you a detailed outline and examples.  When you ask them of the number 3 human need in the world, shelter, there is often a blank look or talk about the number of tarpaulins provided or donations. 
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Disasters by nature are unexpected and can leave us scrambling for solutions, especially if an organisation does not have a shelter strategy.  Funding is plentiful and results need to be seen for the donors.  It is too easy to provide a solution, tick a box and feel or job is done.  Within a few years we will have moved onto the next crisis and the condition of the shelter or house we have provided is far from our mind.  The question that Sheltereach asks is 'can funding work towards development of a region or is it just a stop-gab measure of relief.


Further development is highly recognised by Sheltereach so that the assistance does not stop at the initial provision.  Services are offered that provide help far beyond just assisting with a house.

Sheltereach Services 
Shelter Strategy
Many organisations and providers of shelters are in further need of developing a strategy that ensures the on-going provision of housing for the longer term.  Sheltereach is able to provide and support on effective strategies.
Consultancy involves interviews and research to identify the problem and then works together with the organisations to develop a solution.  The organisaitons who have a strategy are looking for Sheltereach with responses and involve ideas.  They can thereby customise a solution. 
Project Management
Core activities of many organisations don't allow them to be specialised in such areas as provision and supervision. There is the in-country partnership for help.  Sheltereach specialise in build back better solutions and can oversea the building. 
Education on shelter building and techniques that improve structural strength and enable people to build back better.  Teaching by Sheltereach in the country of need ensures a continual improvement in housing.
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