Not all the effects of unstable shelter are as obvious as it is with poverty.  This unstable shelter effects areas of a family's ability to create livelihood as it requires significant time investment.  When there is not a stable environment livelihood is very difficult.  Other more subtle areas effected by lack of shelter are the well-being of a family and the  ability for education and self advancement.
Housing Amongst Poverty
The issue of no finances frequently leads to sub-standard houses being built that are high maintenance and may last as little as 2-3 years.  Housing is often a family's biggest spend and when such a large chunk of income is being spent on house maintainence this is a significant contributor to poverty. 
Providing Affordable Housing 
Sheltereach offers affordable housing that can be replicated
The options given by Sheltereach cover the most simplistic approaches that allow for the minimal of budgets, or even teaching when there is no money to provide.  People are able to construct from local material that can even be scraps because principles are taught to the community that ensure there is sufficient strength and structural support.
Being able to construct even in the poorest of conditions