Products & Services


More than houses alone are in need. The range of products and services Sheltereach offers are varied from specific items and shelter systems to tailored programs and varied forms of hands-on assistance.

We have developed a patented process to massively reduce the cost of SHELTER, whether temporary or permanent, AND to CONTINUNE the process THROUGH into housing


Just like a number of components make up a house, Sheltereach enables organisations to purchase components to build or enhancing their shelter strategy.  Whether you are a beginner – never having thought of shelter and housing – right through to or a small part of a highly organised program, you can purchase the required components of your choice.

Depending on the organisation’s need they may be requiring a particular part, like a steel bracket, to enhance their existing housing design or a complete housing system from concept to hand-over.


Humanitarian organisations are largely active in many areas like child services and water and schooling but when it comes to a shelter response most organisations don’t know where to start. Sheltereach can assist your organisation with a shelter strategy

Sheltereach Services



-Consolidating organisation philosophy towards shelter.
-Help clarify organisation goals for shelter
-Research and report on target area of response.
-Assist in consolidating housing strategy.

Project Management 


-Project manage
-Purchase or manufacture
-Building supervise
-Work with in-country partners

Design Components


-Achievable priorities, strength, affordability, appropriate.
-Choice of 4 existing housing systems or customised to suit.
-Manufactured and purchased or licensing agreement.
-Product technologies for strengthening.

Community Development


-Innereach is a department of Sheltereach.
-Enables disaster trauma victims to recover
-Training for trauma assistance

-Helps people using principles like Art Therapy

Teaching Components


-Building strength seminars for developing countries
-Village Workshops
-Translatable building principle manuals
-Onsite house models for reproduction.