Polytech Housing 
Traditional cladding often becomes complicated and expensive to ensure efficient strength and insulation.  Unless extra material is added to the cladding they are insufficient for providing the ideal protection in varying climatic locations.  Frequently used brick structures rely on gravity for their strength and are vulnerable to other natural forces.  The action of combining the inner, outer lining and insulated core enables SIPS to provide high energy efficiency and fast, strong housing that is able to be constructed by unskilled labour.
“SIPS” (Structurally Insulated Panelling Systems) are used to construct the Polytech Housing. Using an innovative, cost efficient fixing system and mass produced panelling this housing becomes affordable for everyone.  It is based on panels which can be assembled fast and can also be dismantled, flat packed and relocated if necessary.  These panels are able to provide incredible strength and insulation due to a strong exterior layer and light inner mass.

The Polytech Housing System achieves it’s great resilience and insulation by combining the strengths of individual materials bringing a continuity  and visual appeal

screen cap exploaded view wall EPS.jpg

Polytech Housing's building methods provides complete strength and protection, ensuring the SIP housing has life spans lasting far beyond other houses