And Now Introducing

Created for Life


People are often in situations that lead to the need for help in a wide variety of areas.  Help that stretches from the outside to the inside of their lives. Innereach and Created for Life provide services that enables and empowers people to move beyond such a need for help 

Community Health

Communities can value from teaching and education in a wide range of health topics – physical, mental or emotional.   Assistance in health education is frequently requested by local community NGOs.  This has led Sheltereach to design specific sessions for needs as identified by leaders and organisations working with the local people.  This teaching is delivered as requested, providing a tailored service often not available by larger aid NGOs.

Counselling & Trauma Help

Significant disruptions and disturbing events often leave individuals and groups of people in a shocked and confused state of mind.  Resuming regular life can often be stressful or even not possible without intervention.   Assistance is provided by Sheltereach in working through the situation, identifying possible trauma which may have been incurred, enabling individuals to better understand and resolve what has taken place.

Created for Life

Healing with Modalities

Communication is of prime importance, however we can be 'stuck' for what to say and not able reach in where we need to.  Additional healing tools are brought in to find where someone has been impacted in a way they are not even aware of. Created for Life is both counselling equipped with the optional use of alternative therapies that bring out what has become otherwise 'stuck.'    

Becoming Local

The services and assistance offered from Created for Life are now broadening focus within Australia.  Following bushfires, and the Corona virus, especially in the region of Melbourne and Victoria, Created for Life finds ways of helping no matter how that happens during the Corona times.  We offer help with the use of phones, zoom, google video and other technologies available.