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How Australia Presently Needs Housing Help

Fires Destroying Many Homes

Leaving many without houses
The latest Australian bushfires were catastrophic and left many without, especially without housing.  There was a tweet by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority in February stating that a total of 3094 houses were lost.  This is an incredible amount to lose in such a short time frame.  It sees the need for mass loads to be constructed quickly with minimum expenditure. These houses meet those needs. They are included in the charts listing the housing types and are the houses to reach people in developed countries.  The benefit include being far simplar to construct  and additionally are high in fire ratings.

Additional Need for Space Caused by Covid

How does Covid 19 lead to needing more house space?
There is a huge need and demand for extra space as lockdown moves everyone into their home, thereby cramming all activity under one roof.    
Polytech along with similar technology becomes the solution with different sizes and styles providing what is needed to maximise space.  The time of construction should be quick.  Polytech provides a turn around that is within a couple of weeks.  They are shaped and designed as preferred being based on several prime structures being offered. Temporary or permanent units are offered that become ideal for the back yard. This is because they start at 10sqm to be permit free.  They additionally have the option of being transported to another location and then expanding in size from there. 
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Units that are not set to one single location, design or size