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The structure is the most important part in providing safe housing for recipients. Sometimes something costing as little as 3 cents can strengthen the structure up to 20 times of an indigenous structure.  They are compatible with a range of claddings.   
Telescop-i Frame
Telescop-i-Frame is part of a continuum system, from relief to reconstruction.  It is the most common of the housing system and has the logisical capabilties to be pre-positiioned and deployed in large numbers in hours of a disaster.  It is also simple enough to be errected in the immediate phase without supervision.  While able to be upgraded through the transitional phase and either be packed up or form basis a become a permanent house.
Telescop i Frame Description.jpg
Contin-u- Frame
Contin-u-Frame is a box-section steel system and as the name suggests it utilises continuous member strength. It also models attainable strength equivalent to a welded connection achieved using only basic available tools.  'U' is for 'user' and is designed with the intention of teaching building principles and to be replicated by recipients. Systems can be prefabricated or supplied from using locally available steel.  Steel can be an environmentally appropriate solution as it does not depend on the often fragile eco-system of locally grown natural materials.
Where lumber is not available or too expensive due to overwhelming increased demand bamboo or saplings may be the best natural material available.  As the size of bamboo is relatively consistent in a region the supply of simple metal elbow brackets can make the provision of emergency shelters possible for tens of thousands of units.  And of course bamboo being so readily available in so much of the world and a greatly renewable resource, When pre-positioned his becomes an excellent option for mass scale disasters. 
Contin u Frame Description.jpg
Connect a Frame Description.jpg
Connect-a-Plate can be deployed to large scaled disasters in numbers equivalent to that of tarpaulins as it is about half the volume per solution to transport. When locally available materials like bamboo or timber are plentiful the introduction of these versatile plates teaches simple building principles such as connection and  bracing. Though costing only a few cents per item the strength achieved is 20-30 times stronger than that of an indigenous structure.
Connect a Frame Description.jpg
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