Sheltereach was started by John and Joanne Vasila, with the belief that multiples more could have housing with simplicity that made it affordable for all.  Their skills support and provide hope for many. 

   John Vasila


John has spent many years building.  Designing is John’s passion, especially designing a better way to achieve a task.  He is an outdoor man, delighting in the activities away from civilisation including kayaking, mountain biking and camping.   John loves reading God’s word and God’s plan for the world.  The actions and practical demonstration of God’s love (to not just talk about it, but show it) is John’s desire.  His heros are Jesus, William Wilborforce and Nelson Mandella.

    Joanne Vasila


Joanne serves community groups in Melbourne, including people from Middle East, South-East Asia and various regions of Africa.  She loves exploring new and effective ways of enabling people to move forward with their lives and become excited about being alive.  Having a close relationship with God is high on her agenda and encourages everyone to be still and spend time Him.  Walking, riding, dancing and art are also activities enjoyed, especially when amongst people being able to connect creatively.