Housing responses are notorious for only being implemented over a year after a disaster.  The most common response of tents is coming under increseing criticm as it doesnt add any long term value.  The Aust Govt has prepositioned the Tarp House system for deplotyment into the indo pacific region.  These shelter continuums are logistically friendly being **stacked 10 per pallets and within hours will become disaster-resilient shelters  and transitioned into a permanent house.  **edit below to suit this**
The argument that is often sited for the delays in shelter provision is that it takes time to understand what shelter response is the most appropriate.  This often results in duplication of resources that are wasted from the immediate through to the transitional and permanent phase, often taking many years to provide adequate shelter.  Rather than disposable tents, when logistical constraints are kept in mind it is possible to preposition house frames transporting hundreds of frames to a shipping container.  Implementing hundreds of thousands of disaster-resilient frames into the relief space where disposable tents have been coming under increasing criticism.