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Mobile Ability

The unit can be easy to locate to different locations pre being set up or it can even have connection systems requested so that it can even be deconstructed and transported as the flat pack system originally constructed as.

At times a unit is needed that can be relocated.  It may need to be used in several different locations.  Modular Cabins ensures the units have the strength and engineering integrity to be capable of being moved as a whole unit.  Larger units can be separated into modular sections and moved by each section.  In many urban locations the unit only has to sit on cement squares at the corners to then be simply lifted or rolled elsewhere.  Even being kept on small wheels is an option.


Able to Make it Mobile

Each unit is made with the possibility of being relocated.  They can be moved using forms of transport including trailers, trucks or cranes.  For some units that are constructed a specific way parts of the unit can even be deconstructed to fit different modes of transport.


A unit that is completely relocatable

Modular Cabins
5 Gaydon st
Ferntree Gully

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