A housing range adaptable to any region
The most important aspects when choosing a housing design include climate, terrain, available materials and cultural considerations.  The house structure is what keeps inhabitants safe from forces of nature such as earthquakes and typhoons.  The cladding is what protects the inhabitants from the elements and predators.  When choosing a housing structure engineering principles and material understandings are of upmost importance.  This can mean the difference between a life being lost or saved.  These factors are amongst Sheltereach's highest priorities.  Cladding choice is of secondary importance, protecting against the elements and predators.  Local materials and building practices can be accomodated as they are not as much a structural concern.  Sheltereach will thus not support a roof on structurally unsound cladding.
A House that Extends
The size of a house needs to be able to adapt to changes, including a change in the unit's size.  Sheltereach's range of different frames are able to extend and provide additional space on either side and remain strong without weakening houses.
A house can be easily expanded without impacting the strength of the house's frame structure
          Core House                    Upgrade                   Extension                 Progressive House
The frame 
Becoming a house
House claddings are chosen according to specific locational needs
Western standard housing not using a frame
The Frame and Claddings of a House
The budget, available materials and location access all play a part when choosing a housing option.  The numerous Sheltereach designs cover just about every housing need world-wide, these being able to sustain most claddings of choice.  Their design services will assist you to choose the correct house for your particular regional situation.  
Polytech House
Housing using a different system that ceates a modern look
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