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Sheltereach International

Prior to Modular Cabins was the involvement in international aid.  The desire was also to improve design for the outcome of simplicity.  Sheltereach International still provides structures ready from the immediate to long term.  A frame is used to support a tarpaulin which then relies on its engineering strength to become the framework of a long-term house.  The frame additionally telescopes so it becomes possible to carry to locations.  They were ideal for emergency house loss and displaced populations.  Such a diverse concept became the 2017 winner of the 'Humanitarian Supply Challenge.'

Sheltereach International also teaches on what enables and ensures strength.  This assisting in the provision of strong shelter using the resources available in each location. This is important when resources are minimal and limited.


Presenting the frame with the tarpauline


Learning what makes the structure strong using a basic frame


The tent that then becomes the house


Modular Cabins
5 Gaydon st
Ferntree Gully

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