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Real Solutions that fit the box, regardless their shape

Who We Are

Modular Cabins has developed from the core desire to see better design.  Starting many years ago the founder of Modular Cabins was constantly searching for a better way to create structures.  This started with outdoor settings locally and led to overseas aid, assisting in the provision of faster housing to the many without (the aid work of Sheltereach).  Following the need for more space locally backyard cabins then also became the focus.  It has only been more of a need since the presence of life-changing scenarios like Corona Virus.  We come with a fast, effective design and method meeting this spatial need.

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Providing a fast, simple design with strength and appeal  

Simple Design

Such a design enables:

This ** connection approach makes a ** keeping enigeering strength

Flat Packs

The units are constructed from panels.  This leads them to the option of a unit being flat pack in nature. 

Screenshot icon flat pack.png

Strong and safe

The design of the units and the material's metal surface makes the units very strong and sound in engineering structure

Quick Installation

Being in the form of panels leads to the benefit of minimal materials thus being quick to construct

Able to move

The unit can be moved simply without having to deconstruct it or it can be constructed in a way that sections can be 

Design Options

Construction Options

A panel system leads to a simple construction process that reduces time significantly. Great choices of constructed on-site, craned in or left for a handy-man to put together themselves.

Mobility Options

Once built the units can be moved quickly and easily.  They can be made to fit on a trailer or have the truck do the moving.  Wheels being placed on the unit itself is also possible.
The designs of Modular Cabins are simple yet appealing.  A construction technique to give the option of modular and being extendable.  


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